Birmingham 2022 festival


Chandler’s latest piece “One Giant Leap for Human Kind” has been designed specifically for the Birmingham 2022 Festival celebrating the Commonwealth Games.

The figure, stripped of colour, creed and gender, is a reflection of the melting pot that is the Commonwealth, all people together as one, show-piecing the excellence of humankind.

The piece which features a sprinter exerting their maximum power fits perfectly into both the festival and Chandler’s own body of work. Inspiration for the piece came from first hand experience of the 2012 Paralympics as well as from an introduction to Ben Pearson, a T64 Sprinter with hopes of being part of the 2024 Paralympics. Ben’s story resonated with Jacob’s own with both being affected by a life altering injury / health condition. Despite this they both are finding ways to excel despite adversity. Chandler has found this project cathartic, he has often felt the need to hide his own health conditions but the inspiration gained from studying and just simply talking to the phenomenal athletes involved in the project has helped Chandler open up about his own struggles with Colitis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

For the first time in Chandler’s work includes a cast stainless steel element. The opportunity to explore this technique was offered through generosity of Grainger and Worrall and feels particularly poignant as iron is in Chandler’s blood. He still works with pattern making foundry tools from his ancestors time working in Ironbridge and while designing the piece, made use of his Grandfathers anvil dating back to the Lilleshall Company’s steel rolling mill. Bringing the metal working heritage of Birmingham, the Black Country and his own ancestors into this piece make it truly resonate. The machine-like piece also naturally link with the West Midlands car manufacturing tradition.

Project Supporters and Creative Partners

Grainger and Worrall: The Art of the Possible


Grainger and Worrall support a wide range of products with our engineering and sand casting expertise, and we have been delighted to work with local sculptor Jacob Chandler in his latest artwork created for the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

“One Giant Leap For Humankind” represented some unique engineering challenges to overcome, and we’re pleased to have achieved this using our casting skill, experience and innovative approach.

As part of the collaboration, the team at Grainger and Worrall helped design and cast the blade ‘foot’ of the sculpture. The scan was then dissembled into flat panels suitable for laser cutting into a stylised blade. This involved 3D scanning the piece, combining the latest technology with our experience in design consultancy, tool design, and prototype casting to ensure that the entire project was completed successfully.

Quote from GW/ Dave Sands

Grainger and Worrall



At MetLase we love a challenge, so when we were approached by Jacob and were told about how the design will really showcase the passion to overcome difficulties in unique situations, we were only too delighted to support this exciting project.

As one of the UK’s leading specialists in tooling, intelligent fixturing and digital manufacturing solutions, MetLase provided precision laser cutting of material for the sculpture.

Engineering Manager, Jonathan Hinchcliff explains “using our precision laser cutter and joining methodologies, we provided a solution to locate the plinth on the box, allowing for the additional space required for the topograph. Using a combination of joining techniques we provided Jacob with the material which could be simply and accurately assembled, to complement the design of the sculpture.”

Richard Gould, MetLase Sales and Business Development Manager said “We love the industrial automotive style of this piece which really reflects our parent companies’ markets and our own involvement in high-tech, mechanical engineering. We are proud to have been a part of this project and really value the importance of the messaging it delivers. We are also really looking forward to the Commonwealth Games, especially in this extra special Platinum Jubilee Year! ”


The 3D Measurement Company


The 3D Measurement Company are a UK leading supplier of 3D engineering solutions, specialising in 3D measurement, quality & inspection, reverse engineering and 3D measurement system solutions.

T3DMC’s collaboration with Jacob started back in 2018, using the latest in portable handheld 3D scanning technology to capture accurate and full surface dimensional data for the sculptures that he creates.

This successful project led to further collaboration with the use of 3D scanning technology to create digital models which were used in the investment casting process, and the relationship has now evolved to support the manufacturing of the scaled-up pieces too.

T3DMC’s expertise in 3D scanning, 3D design and the use of 3D scan data to create highly accurate fabrications provides a key component for Jacob in the creation of a wide range of his work.


Network Rail - SpaceandPeople - New Street Station

“SpaceandPeople are happy to be collaborating with Jacob Chandler Ltd to bring the ‘One Giant Leap for Humankind’ sculpture to Birmingham New Street station. Our partnership with Network Rail allows us to bring fantastic experiences to commuters, not unlike this piece. Activate! is a programme we have established together with Network Rail to give free concourse space at busy stations to institutions like Jacob Chandler Ltd, to bring excitement, culture, education and joy to high-footfall locations. SpaceandPeople are pleased to be working with Jacob Chandler Ltd to bring this beautiful sculpture to the people of Birmingham, to celebrate diversity and physically disabled athletes.”
Network Rail

Nationwide Stainless LTD


Stainless steel is a versatile and durable material. As well as for purely functional uses, we have supplied material for architectural and artistic purposes, and on occasions, for sculptures. We are all both pleased and proud to have provided material for this sculpture. This piece is special. It signifies the challenges and determination that disabled athletes have to conquer before they can even train for their chosen sport. But as well as that, it embodies the determination, ingenuity and skill of the people who design and make the equipment that enables the disabled to pursue their sport. The message is clear, and as such it is a magnificent inspiration for all.

The name of the piece, “One Giant Leap For Humankind” could not be better, and, for the launch pad, nothing could be better than stainless steel.

Nationwide Stainless

All Bar One


The All Bar One New St Station team is delighted to support the fantastic “One Giant Leap for Humankind” sculpture by Jacob Chandler and everything it stands for in celebrating difference.

The theme closely aligns with our own values as we aim to create a welcoming environment for everyone across our bars, so we are proud to host the VIP celebration, marking the unveiling of the piece that will take pride of place on our doorstep as we step closer to the much-anticipated Commonwealth Games in our amazing city!

We look forward to welcoming everyone during the Games and getting behind Team GB next month.

All Bar One
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